maplecross moris nature reserve

Credit Kristina Kostuk

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MapleCross Morris Nature Reserve

Whitestone, ON

Magnetawan Watershed Land Trust – 2023

81 hectares

Property Description

The MapleCross Morris Nature Reserve is a pristine natural haven, boasting expansive wetlands that drain into La Brash Lake and ultimately flow into the Magnetawan River. This 81-hectare property, situated within the Municipality of Whitestone, encompasses a captivating blend of forest, wetlands, and historical landscapes that have been an integral part of the Morris family legacy for 74 years. The family holds a deep affection for this land, where their small cabin has nestled itself over many years. David Morris, along with his sister and brother, fondly recalls spending summers on the property during their childhood.

Beyond its sentimental value, the land holds considerable natural and historical significance, having been settled and farmed in the early 20th century. During that period, the Dodge Lumber Company’s Cadge Road, which traversed the property, served as the primary access route to the land north of the Magnetawan River.

The ecological importance of the MapleCross Morris Nature Reserve cannot be overstated. The forested areas provide a habitat for a diverse array of songbirds, including the Canada Warbler and Eastern Wood-peewee—both species at risk. Property visits have revealed clear signs of Deer, Moose, and Eastern Wolf activity, adding to the area’s rich biodiversity. The woodland, meadow, and wetland habitats within the reserve act as sanctuaries for various species at risk, such as the Little Brown Myotis, Northern Myotis, Eastern Small-footed Myotis, Tri-colored Bat, and Blanding’s Turtle. These are just a few highlights that underscore the property’s vital role in biodiversity and conservation efforts.

The decision to donate the MapleCross Morris Nature Reserve aligns with the family’s desire to preserve this natural gem for current and future generations. David says, “I have been visiting this property since 1954, when I was three years old, and have spent many peaceful hours in the bush just soaking in the essence of the land. Part of my soul is rooted here, so knowing that it will be preserved forever as it is means a lot to me. And I am sure that my father would have been equally pleased with our decision.”

Content and property pictures courtesy of Magnetawan Watershed Land Trust.

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