To protect and restore Canada’s natural environment by supporting organizations engaged in land conservation.

The MapleCross Story

MapleCross is based in Ontario, Canada

Dr. Jan Oudenes and Dr. Isobel Ralston established the MapleCross fund upon exiting their respective business careers in 2017. They have had the opportunity to travel widely, together developing an understanding and respect of the Canadian wilderness. From hiking the Rocky Mountains and canoeing in Ontario and on the South Nahanni River (Northwest Territories) to quietly appreciating the forest on their own property, Isobel and Jan have become increasingly aware not only of nature’s beauty and splendour, but also its fragility. They created MapleCross with the intention to invest in and protect ecologically sensitive land, preserving natural features and biological diversity for generations to come…

Credit Ulrike Kuprath

Protected Properties – By Province

MapleCross has made a major contribution to the acquisition of each of the following properties:


Number of properties: 2
Total hectares: 1813

British Columbia

British Columbia
Number of properties: 12
Total hectares: 6042


Number of properties: 4
Total hectares: 3227

New Brunswick

new brunswick
Number of properties: 2
Total hectares: 464

Newfoundland & Labrador

newfoundland and labrador
Number of properties: 1
Total hectares: 234

Nova Scotia

nova scotia
Number of properties: 4
Total hectares: 373


Number of properties: 19
Total hectares: 2079

Prince Edward Island

prince edward island
Number of properties: 10
Total hectares: 425


Number of properties: 4
Total hectares: 657


Number of properties: 3
Total hectares: 1580

How We Fund

We make donations to organizations that have a Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) registered charitable number. Our funds are primarily for land securement with the objective of land conservancy and the preservation of Canada’s nature. MapleCross does not accept donations from individuals or corporations.

Our Partners

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