princeton grasslands phase II

Princeton Grasslands – MapleCross Meadow (Phases I, II and III)
Princeton, British Columbia

The Nature Trust of British Columbia – 2019 (Phase I), 2020 (Phase II) and 2021 (Phase III)
1048 hectares (2592 acres)

In 2021, The Nature Trust of BC completed its three-phase project to conserve grasslands in the Similkameen Valley. Acquired over three years, Princeton Grasslands – MapleCross Meadow protects nearly 2,600 acres (1,048 hectares) of woodland and coniferous forests, wetlands, ponds and importantly, grasslands.

Grasslands provide habitat for more threatened or endangered species than any other ecosystem type in British Columbia, but cover only 1% of BC’s land base. Princeton Grasslands – MapleCross Meadow includes over 1,000 acres (407 hectares) of intact open native grassland, conserving habitat for over 100 species of grasses, flowers and other plants, along with diverse wildlife.

Princeton Grasslands includes 457 acres (185 hectares) of critical habitat for the Williamson’s Sapsucker, a small woodpecker estimated to have a population of less than 500 adults in Canada. Other birds that can be seen on this property include Barn Swallows, Olive-sided Flycatchers, Western Screech Owls, Common Nighthawks and Lewis’s Woodpeckers, all of which are Threatened under the Species at Risk Act.

The property includes vital winter range for Mule Deer, providing low-lying grasslands for grazing as they descend from the deep snow of higher elevations. Mule Deer play a vital role in the ecosystem by providing food for predators on the property, including Cougars, Bears, and Bobcats. The endangered American Badger has also been found on the property complex.

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