nicomen slough

Credit Isobel Ralston

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Nicomen Slough

Nicomen, BC

The Nature Trust of British Columbia – 2020

8 hectares

Property Description

The stretch of river between Mission and Hope, with its stony shores, gravel reaches and winding side channels, so profoundly affects the productivity of the Fraser River watershed that it has been called the “Heart of the Fraser”.  This area provides crucial spawning habitat for salmon and threatened white sturgeon (COSEWIC), and serves as a nursery and migration corridor for millions of juvenile salmon every year. Additionally, the river and associated riparian habitats support an extraordinary diversity of plants and animals.

In 2021, with the help of MapleCross, The Nature Trust added Nicomen Slough Parcel A (8 hectares) to the Nicomen Slough Conservation Complex, increasing its area by 50%. The Nicomen Slough is within Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Southwest Priority Place, which is an area of high biodiversity value. The area is also designated as having both continental and regional significance to waterfowl by the Pacific Birds Habitat Joint venture.

This area is a haven for migratory birds including Trumpeter Swans and other waterfowl. More than 100 swans over-winter in the area from November through January. Other birds using the area include Western Screech Owl and Barn Owl, Great Blue Heron, Bald Eagle and Kestrel. Nicomen Slough supports many species at risk including reptiles and amphibians like Western Painted Turtle, Northern Rubber Boa and Northern Red-legged Frog, as well as mammals like Muskrat, Beaver and River Otter. The critically endangered Oregon Forest Snail has also been seen in the vicinity of the property.

Content and property pictures courtesy of The Nature Trust of British Columbia.

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