maplecross port hill station natural area

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MapleCross Port Hill Station Natural Area

Tyne Valley, PE

Island Nature Trust – 2023

121 hectares

Property Description

The MapleCross – Port Hill Station Natural Area is a large forest and wetland site located just outside of the town of Tyne Valley, Prince County, Prince Edward Island. Tyne Valley was historically referred to as “The Landing” and is situated along the Trout River which was used to float lumber to Tyne Valley from shipyards in Bideford and Port Hill. Contained within a forest block that is dominantly surrounded by agriculture, this Natural Area is bisected by the boundary for the Bideford River and Trout River watersheds.

The MapleCross – Port Hill Station Natural Area is not located near other Island Nature Trust properties; however, it shares the same forest block with several provincially owned forested properties including 50-hectare parcel that bounds part of the eastern perimeter. Like most or Prince Edward Islands forested landscape, much of this property has been impacted by agriculture or forestry practices that took place between the 1930’s and the 1960’s.

Aside from a portion of the southeastern section of the property that is drier and dominated by a mixed age red maple stand, this property is predominantly characterized by regenerating forested wetlands, which are generally dominated by black spruce or red maple stands, an open water marsh that extends from a tributary of the Hayes Brook due to North American beaver influence, and a large open bog to the north. Several at-risk or provincially rare species were identified within this Natural Area including American beech, starry false Soloman’s seal, and red swamp currant. The ecosystems present on this Natural Area offer habitat for many species-at-risk, including the Canada warbler.

Thanks to the generous donation from the MapleCross Fund and our provincial funding partners, the 121-hectare MapleCross – Port Hill Station Natural Area is now protected in perpetuity under the PEI Natural Areas Protection Act.

Content and property pictures courtesy of Island Nature Trust.

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