cape chin
cape chin
cape chin

MapleCross Nature Reserve at Cape Chin
Bruce Peninsula, Ontario

Bruce Trail Conservancy – 2021
212 hectares

With 212 hectares of iconic Saugeen (Bruce) Peninsula landscape, a breathtaking 270-degree view of Georgian Bay, and 1.8 kilometers of the Bruce Trail’s Optimum Route, the MapleCross Nature Reserve at Cape Chin is a natural masterpiece and a true conservation gem.

The MapleCross Nature Reserve at Cape Chin is the largest solo acquisition of land in Bruce Trail Conservancy history. It’s one of the last large contiguous properties available on the Peninsula; only four parcels of this size remain.

The property’s impressive landscape boasts classic natural features of the Niagara Escarpment, rich habitats and rare species. Iconic cliffs support Eastern White Cedar and a unique cliff ecosystem. Vital wetlands act as wildlife nurseries and natural hydrological purifiers in the watershed. And large stretches of forest provide habitat for species who depend on uninterrupted habitat for survival.

The unique ecological and geological features of Cape Chin provide habitat for exceptional biodiversity and a high concentration of species at risk. To date, Bruce Trail Conservancy ecologists have identified 250 unique species on the property including 7 observations of species of conservation concern.

This land acquisition represents a vital step forward in addressing and mitigating the effects of climate change. The funds provided by MapleCross will be used to not only protect these ecologically significant lands from future development, but provide ongoing conservation and restoration of ecosystem biodiversity on these lands.

With the land protected, the Bruce Trail has now been carefully rerouted onto the property providing a fantastic hiking experience and connecting generations to come to this spectacular protected natural landscape.

This historic acquisition is a wonderful example of the important conservation work made possible through the generous and thoughtful support of the MapleCross Fund.

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