princess louisa inlet II

Princess Louisa Inlet (II)
Princess Louisa Inlet, British Columbia

BC Parks Foundation – 2020
259 hectares

You did it… again! MapleCross helps protect over 1,000 hectares of land along BC’s Coast

In the summer of 2019, MapleCross was a keystone donor, joining a crowdsourcing campaign that contributed over $3 million in three months to protect 800 hectares of pristine land along British Columbia’s coast.   The incredible effort and wellspring of support was the first time crowdfunding, to turn private land into a protected park, had happened at this scale. It was an inspiring, humbling result that captured the attention of the entire world.

In addition to the land purchased in September 2019, the BC Parks Foundation was able to secure a conservation covenant on a 100+ hectare waterfront parcel on the north east side of the Inlet. Then, in 2020, MapleCross again stepped forward as a major contributor, helping protect the iconic One-Eye Peak in the inlet – another 259 hectares of wilderness.

Princess Louisa Inlet is an incredible, stunning jewel.  It is one of Canada’s most breathtaking destinations, known internationally as a mecca for boaters.  Almost all of the wild area is roadless and undeveloped.  It is home to grizzly bears, mountain goats, eagles, threatened marbled murrelets, northern goshawk, lichen and moss communities, old-growth forests, marine life, and an abundance of other flora and fauna.

Over 10,000 boaters from around the world visit Princess Louisa Inlet for its breathtakng beauty, serenity, and unique light each year, and every summer hundreds of youth visit the spectacular Malibu Club and explore the beauty this area has to offer.   Chatterbox Falls is a beautiful waterfall at the head of the inlet, and nearby James Bruce Falls is one of the highest waterfalls in North America.

The BC Parks Foundation would like to thank MapleCross for their generosity, goodwill, and continued friendship in protecting the Inlet.  Together, we are passing on the magic of this natural treasure, forever.

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princess louisa inlet IIprincess louisa inlet II